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This Week in Mentalists – The Late Late Edition

I know it’s well past the weekend. I know a new one is almost imminently due. I know I should have done this days ago. I could explain myself – for various reasons I was so busy over the last few days (yes!) and I simply forgot about this round-up – but instead please accept my […]

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A professional’s response to ‘Bipolar memoirs: What have I done?’ by Darian Leader

So, Darian Leader, Psychoanalyst and writer, founding member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, and staunch anti-regulationist (links to the Maresfield report opposing the regulation of Psychotherapy in the UK – the CFAR were a key contributor to this, and Zarathustra has written here and here about the problems with unregulated therapies), has written an […]

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Who you can and can’t trust when hiring a psychotherapist

Many people find it helpful to talk to a psychotherapist. However, NHS provision of talking therapies can be patchy, and has been hit by the cuts. For that reason some people have found themselves paying out of their own pocket to see a therapist. But how do you know that you’ll find a good one? […]

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UKCP fails to sanction therapist despite admitting destroying notes

A couple of weeks ago I published the apparent mishandling of a Fitness to Practice inquiry by the UK Council for Psychotherapy. The UKCP took over three years to find proven seven allegations against John Smalley, a Jungian analyst from the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists. These allegations related to smoking during therapy, making derogatory […]

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Working With Borderline Personality Disorder – Dr Joseph Burgo

Eh up folks! Here’s a post that I hope you find as interesting as I did, from Dr Joseph Burgo, the therapist behind After Psychotherapy. Most of us in the world of mentalness will have heard of the controversial and (unfairly) much-maligned diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. In this post, Dr Burgo explores his experiences […]

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This Week in Mentalists – The Let’s Celebrate Madosphere Positivity Edition

Afternoon all! Pandora here. Sorry for the lack of TWIM last week; someone was lined up for it, but must’ve forgotten (it’s easily done!), and as for TNIM, unfortunately (as usual) no one volunteered their services for it :( In relation to this and other issues, there has been some discussion regarding the direction of […]

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This Week In Mentalists – Purple Monkey Dishwasher Edition

Hello, sanabituranima here again with this week’s TWIM (late again, sorry, the person originally scheduled to do it isn’t well enough.) This edition of TWIM contains eating disorder, suicide and abuse triggers as well as the murder of innocent Purple Monkey Dishwashers.

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This Week in Mentalists – The Rhinestone Cowgirl Edition

LittleFeet from Chaos and Control here. Last night I went to a Dolly Parton concert and it was great! Today I have decided to lavish and encrust this edition of TWIM with rhinestones and a pink cowgirl hat. Yeehaw!

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