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Hi all. It’s Paul from It’s Just A Ride. MY apologies for this being later than normal and for being a little thin this week. My preparation time was cut rather short by a drive by Zopicloning.

It’s been a momentous week over in the USA with The Affordable Care Act being passed by the Supreme Court, but more of that later.

As is usually the case in the Madosphere and disability blogs in general The UK Government are usually trying to stiff someone over, This week Phil Groom looked to the not to distant future and offered some advise to the younger members of society

IF YOU’RE A YOUNG PERSON in Britain today, here’s how your future’s looking:

Leave school at 16 or 18 because you can’t afford higher education…
Get a low-end minimum-wage job if you’re lucky…
Maybe earn enough to rent somewhere with some mates…

Receive a pay cut because the government has scrapped the minimum wage
» or get fired for no reason because the government has scrapped employee rights
» or get made redundant because the company goes bust

Now you’ve got no money to pay the rent
» your mates can’t subsidise you
» housing benefit has been scrapped for under-25s
» your parents don’t want you back

Hello cardboard box in an alleyway at night, fight for a Big Issue pitch by day.

(Full post here)

The Bipolar Diva has been in my RSS Reader for quite some time. I am unsure if she has been featured on TWIM before, but she write really well about what it’s like to have Bipolar and still maintain an active lfe.. plus she rides REALLY cool Motor Bikes.

In a previous article Bipolar Diva went back and relived a really hard time in her life, now it was time to face up to the Medical Professionals:

All of my psychiatrists before had mentioned my ability to hold myself together and my “great coping skills.” They spoke of my strength and resolve. I knew it was all bullshit on my part. They didn’t really know me, I never let “me” out.

Very little of that was there after the first few minutes with this doctor today. I almost lost my appearance, the person I’ve carefully crafted over the years to cover my inner self. This doctor was touching nerves, nerves that haven’t been touched in years.

(Full post here)

Skye – The Secret Schizophrenic is pretty new to the blogging world but has fitted in really well. In this post Skye answers a question she got on Twitter regarding how she manages to be High Functioning, her replies could relate to any illness but they resonate so well with all Mental Illness.

“1. Medication

I can’t stress enough how important this is in my life. If I didn’t take my meds I know I would be very unwell, from past experience of reduction. This was a different medication, but I’m sure this applies to the one I’m on now. Considering the amount of personal anguish illness has caused me, I would not want to risk it happening again. Now I have found the right medication that keeps me well, I shall certainly stay on it and it really is the most important thing in my life.

2. Speaking out

I know it is really important for me to talk about how I’m feeling. A problem shared really is a problem halved mainly. Sometimes I might get an idea in my head that I have to check up on to see if it’s real or not. For instance recently I was wondering if I had worms in my brain. I then checked this with my CPN who told me it was not possible. Which leads me onto my next point…”

(Full post here)

As I mentioned at the start this weeks TWIM is kind of short, my apologies for that.. I will try harder next time.
For my Wildcard entry this week, I haven’t chosen something humorous. I have chosen a posting on Reddit that when I read it made something so potentially mind numbingly confusing so simple that I couldn’t work out why more people didn’t offer this type of article for more subjects.

The WildCard is an explanation of the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) in the USA simple enough for a Five year old to understand.

You can find the article here.

Because after all, every Website should have at least 1 cat picture… or have I been looking at Facebook to long?

Thanks for reading.

Until Next Time…

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6 Responses to “This Week In Mentalists – The Flying Visit Edition”

  1. Thank you for contacting me and telling me of this site. I like it, I think I shall stay! And thank you for featuring an article of mine. That was a frustrating day with the psychologist for sure. Thanks Again! Teri

  2. It’s good to have you Teri. This World Of Mentalists is a great place to find new writers that you might not ordinarily have known about.

    • abipolardiva 1 July 2012 at 12:05am

      I see that. I plan on getting a bit more familiar with the site after dinner is done and the kids are tied, I mean put, in their beds.

  3. Honoured to be included, Paul: thank you. Would that it were not so, however…

  4. Paul,
    Thanks for your TWIM – you introduced me to a couple of new totally great blogs – for me anyway well worth it.


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