This Week in Mentalists – The New Feudalism

Warriet’s selection from various news pieces and blogs out there: not wholly random – these cited are  well written by interesting people. The title’s reference to feudalism is what is happening right now in the UK as the present government dismantles the state and undoes all the good stuff that had been implemented in the UK since the end of World War I.

Mentalism rarely makes the mainstream news so I was very heartened by the coming out of a couple of MPs and even more heartened by the considered commentary by newspapers such as the Daily Mail an organ not usually renowned for objective coverage.

We are not alone, this story in The Melbourne Age could have been written in and about the UK. Similar  are the issues in the US: this Washington Post article sketches the difficulties inherent in a healthcare system funded by private medical insurance. Ostensibly driven by a visceral hatred of and contempt for the underclass, the true Bullingdon agenda appears to be driven by one of the oldest human concerns – the control, possession and exploitation of land. And the French agree – le Nouvel Observateur tells us what to do

But I am mad so what do I know?

As well as the usual trigger warnings I need to alert you to the fact that the contents of some of the linked sites are unashamedly political. Most of the UK seems to be sleep-walking into the dystopia documented by Johnny Void. In this Brave New World the softest targets are being attacked first. The attacks started on the infirm: as soon as the Government announced that council tax would be frozen, compliant local councils took the cue and cut the non-statutory services to those least able to defend themselves such as the disabled whose indignities are described by Black Triangle Campaign.

The Guardian today published an article about a report by the thinktank Demos and Scope, the disability charity. Almost every day Pride’s Purge posts an irreverent look at UK politics; a mostly drôle but sometimes just too close to the truth.

Some rather more cheerful stuff from the colonies. A reminder that the bipolar diagnosis need not be all bad; the upside is described by Daniel Bader in Bipolar Today Life at the Poles. I have found more helpful insights in bipolar burble blog where Natasha Tracy writes about life with a mental illness.

A few of my favourite blogs:

And now for something completely different Perciphone Petticoat

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