The Life of an Actute Inpatient (Wotten Lawn, Gloucester, England)

Hi everyone.

This is a submission from David, who blogs at David was sectioned under S2 of the Mental Health Act in 2002, and admitted to Wotten Lawn Psychiatric Hospital in Gloucester. In August 2004, David wrote a comprehensive article on his experiences of the ward, which he offered for publication here on TWOM. Please note that although David’s memoir was typed, it is presented both on his blog and here in images of that typing (please click the images below for a larger, more readable version). The original post can be found here, and the material is being re-posted here at both the request of and (obviously!) with the consent of the author.

I hope you find this as insightful as I did. David is writing TWIM this weekend, so do look out for that :)

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2 Responses to “The Life of an Actute Inpatient (Wotten Lawn, Gloucester, England)”

  1. Ten years or more tater I realise that few know what actually happens on the wards of a contemporary psychiatric hospital. An experienced social worker I met after my discharge opined that they used a rule-of-thumb that at lest three months of recovery time were needed for each month spent on such a ward.

  2. Really interesting.
    Small note – it would have been easier to read if the pages were in the correct order!


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