This Week in Mentalists – TWIM Becomes TWOM Edition

Yep, new name for the blog, to reflect that TWIM will henceforth only be a part of the site content, rather than its main reason for being.

That said, TWIM will continue every weekend, and let’s get started.

There’s been a bit of a debate kicking around these parts on the subject of whether men should declare themselves feminists. Mark Brown thinks we should, and so do I. For an another view, It’s Just a Ride gives his response.

As I grew up and started to develop my own views on things through my teenage years I learnt what it was to have to earn respect and to expect to have the same in return, but not once did the other persons gender come into the equation. Everyone got that first “Fair Shake of The Stick.” I had my fingers burnt over the years by people who saw this basic view of life and thought they could take advantage and it’s only in my later years that I can look back and see that, at times, I was taken advantage of big time. My friendships were often based an very lopsided footings. My being the fat spotty kid I took friendships where ever I could get them and that led to some toxic relationships. I have, thankfully, moved on from that mindset these days and realise that “I” am the one who sets out what I want from a personal relationship with someone else.

Through all of this self discovery and realisations of who I am and the articles I have read By Zarathustra and Mark Brown I now know how to describe my philosophy regarding the opposite sex (and I believe this equates to both Men and Women EQUALLY)…

Just Don’t Be A Dick.

Our Canadian cousins at Mental Health Talk give a fascinating interview with a “crazy” and poor philosopher.

Gary spoke of his philosophy and the philosophy of others.

“I have always been told to look at the larger picture; this will tell you what happens on the smaller scale of things.”

He followed this by loosely quoting Eleanor Roosevelt: “Big minds think of ideas.  Medium minds talk of events.  Small minds talk of people.”

On the way out of the backroom toward the kitchen, Gary turned to me and said “Our civilization does not fair well with philosophers.  The tyrant-ogre may lose control.  I have seen the freedom of speech taken away, so many living in fear therefore not living.

Chaos and Control speaks of the difficulty in maintaining friendships.

This morning I decided it would be a good idea to invite friends round to my castle this afternoon. Except, I freaked out. Because I sent invites on facebook it felt too public. I removed everyone that I had invited and made the event private. Way to go, LF!

In a way, I’m no further forward than I was when I woke up this morning. There are friends that I would like to catch up with but I think I’ll just text them to find out whether they’re free.

Without a doubt, being unwell has taken its toll on many of my friendships. I feel like I’ve treated my friends very badly. I don’t want to blame it all on being ill. I need to take some responsibility, y’know? There are only so many times that you can be invited to things or ignore invitations before people stop inviting you.

While I’ve been writing this post I’ve texted a friend. That’s progress, right?

Neuroskeptic is not impressed by a study that seems to show that antidepressants in the water supply can cause autism.

Here’s the study. Young fish were exposed to a combination of three drugs, two antidepressants and an epilepsy med, for 18 days.

First off, this study was tiny with an effective sample size of just 6. Three tanks of fish got exposed to the drugs, and three control tanks didn’t. There were multiple fish per tank, five in fact, but those are not five independent observations, because they shared a tank. That’s just tiny for a drug trial, or any scientific study really.

Next, the drug doses were much higher than in the water supply. Levels of fluoxetine (Prozac) were 700 times higher than observed in drinking water, for carbamazapine it was 400 times higher. And that’s based on the authors’ figures for drinking water which they admit are “the highest observed concentrations from various systems”. The authors defend this by saying that in drinking water there will be other related compounds, on top of the drugs themselves, adding up to a higher dose. OK – but 400, 700 times higher? We’ve no idea if that’s realistic. They don’t justify this number.

PD2OT discusses coping with bank holidays.

It is no coincidence that at the start of a four day weekend (we’re having an additional public holiday for the Queen’s Jubilee, as well as a Spring Bank Holiday, in the UK this weekend) that I have spent my Saturday reading journal articles, and now typing this blog post. I really dislike holidays, especially official ones where there is an expectation to ‘have fun’ or at least do something special. I have gotten better at managing them but I doubt that I’ll ever be a fan of Christmas. I know many people find holidays stressful, not least because of the change in structure to our daily occupations, but it got me thinking about the effect of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and engagement in ‘fun’ occupations (often leisure activities), as well as the different perceptions of things society often considers as a good thing, like holidays from work.

Teenage Whisperers has a first-person account of a vulnerable but challenging adolescent.

Drug dealers deal drugs, prostitutes deal sex… well I deal in pissing people off, and especially you. My broken self doesn’t know why I’m doing it, but my lucid self can tell you now. I am testing you. I am applying the thumb screws and seeing if you’ll scream, seeing if you’ll run, seeing if you are a fully signed up member of the young people’s helpers club.

You know, one of those social workers, youth workers, YOT workers, teachers, mentors, you know, one of those safe guys, the ones that actually really want to help. Cos there are a hell of a lot of half-members, the ones who actually beneath the job title and pay really in truth don’t give a monkeys about me. There are more half-members out there than you probably think- trust me, most of the people who have worked with me fall into that category. They say they’ll help me, they say they care but as soon as I test them by being the most foul-mouthed obnoxious kid I can be they run.

Thing is, their job just got a bit challenging, and a bit hard, and if they can hand me over to someone else, they will. After all they are only doing the job as a way to pay the bills not because they really want to help me. They can’t be bothered with the effort of trying to find out how I tick, why I am behaving like the anti-christ on crystal meth.

For the Wildcard, here’s a charming video about internet trolls and haters. (Possible triggers for sexual abuse and emotional abuse)



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  1. Thank you Z for taking an excerpt from MHT and helping to have Gary’s voice heard! Overall, great TWIM on TWOM!

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