This Week in Mentalists – The Schadenfraude Edition

Hi, UselessCPN here. I really wish this bad weather would go away, it’s almost June and still feels like winter. Anyway, here is this week’s TWIM (mentions of eating disorders, sectioning, and self-harm)

Mental Health Cop has written a series of guides on detention under S136 of the Mental health Act and removal to a place of safety. Useful for not just Police Officers, but Mental Health staff, and service users to have a clear understanding of their rights.

Julie’s Mum talks about a downturn in mood

Warning – moods can go down as well as up, and your heart may be repossessed if you don’t keep up your spirits.

When I posted my lastpost I had a superstitious presentiment that it would lead to a downturn!  And sure enough, the very next morning I had to drive Julie over to the clinic to get a fresh cut dressed.  We’ve been in the doldrums pretty much ever since.

I am glad that you and Julie seem to be getting more support from the hospital.

Sanabituranima has a post about the consequences of dismissing the effects of ME

M.E. is an extremely painful neurological illness with multiple severe symptoms – the main ones being constant exhaustion, severe muscle and joint pain, over-sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting, impaired mobility (ranging from mild difficulty walking to complete inability to even turn over in bed, depending on severity) incontinence, muscle spasms, headaches, permanent sore throat and fever. People can die from it - here is the story of one woman named Sophia Mirza, who did. The refusal of doctors to believe that she was physically ill contributed to her death – yet her autopsy showed severe inflammation in her spinal chord. Emily Collins was another woman who died of M.E. Before she died, she wrote a book about living with severe M.E. There is also a letter she wrote very shortly before her death, published here, which I will re-post. It is rather a harrowing read, but people must realise that M.E. is real:

Though not strictly MH related I felt this was an important post to highlight, as ME is one of those conditions that is so often ignored and misunderstood.

Stuart Sorensen has been ripping off other people’s ideas

My newest project is a blatant rip off. The materials are my own but ther format is very definitely inspired by two bloggers and tweeters whom I admire so much I intend to emulate them. They do say (whoever ‘they’ might be) that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Recently Twitter’s excellent @nurse_w_glasses who is responsible for the immensely popular 20 commendments for mental health workers and the ’20 commandments’ blog has seen her 1 page summary of the commandments posted in nurses’ stations all across the globe. It’s such a good format.

Even more recently a Leicestershire police inspector @MentalHealthCop who hosts his own extremely popular blog has begun posting ‘quick guides’ for serving police officers who may need fast access to pithy information as situations arise.

My project is based upon a combination of both these ideas. I plan to create relatively brief ‘quick guide’ summaries of mental health and social care principles that can either be used for quick online reference (like Mental Health Cop’s guides) or posted in staff rooms and offices (like Margreeth’s 20 commandments). I’m essentially ripping off two basic formats to create my own hybrid. Fortunately neither Margreeth nor Mental Health Cop seem to object. After all – we’re all chasing the same thing – information getting ‘out there’ to the people on the fromt line.

Fantastic idea. I have given Margreeth’s 20 commandments to my students and told them to keep them close by their side and refer to them often.

Katieinwonderlandx wonders if cats can get anorexia

Winston (my cat) is currently perched on the end of my bed, at half one in the morning staring at himself in the mirror. He has been doing so for at least ten minutes. Unflinching. Just staring. And I cant help but notice the sullen, contemplative look on his face. I am concerned that I may have passed on my insecurities to him. I tell him every day what a pretty boy he is. But he’s staring in that mirror looking very distressed by his reflection. Like he’s saying ‘Mum, am I fat?’ Perhaps he is cat-orexic. He is not a big eater, so its really hard to tell.

I’m not sure cat’s have a sense of body image, but most of them are surely on the autistic spectrum

What it takes to be me has returned from a trip to Sweden

I feel that this trip has really helped to reset my brain. I feel so much happier than I have in the past several months, and although I am still having flashbacks it’s nowhere near as bad as it was, pre-trip.

So pleased you are feeling happier.

And finally, the wildcard. I don’t LIKE to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, but if anyone deserves it:

Rebekah Brooks charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

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