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Good day everyone. This is CimmerianInk from Living With Bipolar Disorder, DID and Childhood Abuse. This is my first time writing for TNIM/TWIM or any blog outside of my own. I hope I don’t wreck things too badly. So let’s begin and take a look at mental health news around web.

Jason Russell, the director of “Kony 2012″ recently engaged in some odd behavior that led to questions about his mental health as well as questions about the nature of manic episodes.

Consider filmmaker Jason Russell, director of “Kony 2012″, a much debated video about an African warlord. Several weeks ago, Russell was apprehended by police in San Diego after running naked through the streets, pounding his fists on the pavement and shouting incoherently.

This is certainly an unexpected and bizarre turn of events for a well-regarded and previously normal filmmaker. However, from a psychiatric perspective, this behavior is neither unexpected nor bizarre. In fact, it happens all the time. If you’d asked 100 psychiatrists for their diagnosis of Mr. Russell upon first hearing the story, I’d bet more than 90 of them would instantly say “manic ares journey

Why? Because people who develop severe mania almost always demonstrate bizarre agitated behavior, and usually utter what sounds like nonsense to others. And as most psychiatrists will attest, nakedness is a behavior commonly seen in catatonic episodes.

ABC NEWS enlisted an “expert” to discuss if people suffering from PTSD are more prone to violence. I found myself not agreeing with everything stated just from knowing many people with PTSD and their personalities, but at the same time I was glad that the conclusion wasn’t that people should flee in terror from those with PTSD. Check out the video here.

“We don’t want to stigmatize and automatically assume everyone with PTSD is gonna go off and hurt someone.” “Not all PTSD is the same, especially the severity. Trauma is cumulative.”

Patient privacy has come to the fore in New Zealand where the ACC is now dealing with the fallout of its incredibly bad handling of patient information. This story highlights how much all of us need to be aware of what’s happening to our records.

Embattled insurer ACC has been caught out scrambling to shut down yet another privacy breach in the very week it has been forced to accept an audit into its handling of client files.

The inquiry was commissioned by ACC and the Office of the Privacy Comissioner in the ongoing fallout after the Dominion Post revealed ACC sent whistleblower Bronwyn Pullar 6500 clients’ private details, including the names of sexual abuse and violent crime victims.

In the ongoing sadness that is the Sandusky trial in the United States, it has now come out that more than a decade ago a psychologist said that Sandusky’s behavior fit a “likely pedophile’s pattern”. *Please be aware that this article could contain triggering subject matter*

More than a decade before the former Penn State football assistant Jerry Sandusky was charged with child sexual abuse, a psychologist warned the university police in an investigation into a suspected assault of an 11-year-old boy that Sandusky’s actions in that case fit a “likely pedophile’s pattern.” But the university seemed to do nothing about Sandusky in the wake of that report in 1998.

What is unknown is whether senior officials at Penn State were unaware of the investigation, or whether they knew of it but chose to do nothing.

Many of us with mental health issues struggle with weight gain but according to FOX NEWS, engaging in ritual “fat talk” actually increases depression. So: have mental illness, take medication for said illness, gain weight on said medication and then talk about said weight gain, increase depression for which one takes said medication. Talk about a vicious cycle.

Examples of fat talk included comments about what the respondents’ eating and exercise habits should be (“I should watch what I eat”), fears of becoming overweight (“I’d really hate to get fat”), perception of their own weight and shape (“I’m so fat”), and comparisons with other people in these areas (“I wish I could eat as healthy as some of my friends do.”)

The more often someone engaged in fat talk, the lower that person’s body satisfaction and the higher the level of depression after three weeks, the researchers said.

There has been an epidemic of employees of airlines having breakdowns while airborne and requiring the intervention of passengers. Now a pilot has been added to the list. I’m not going to voice an opinion on this story but I’m adding it because sources are saying that the pilot had a panic attack and these stories will contribute to public opinion about mental health issues.

Unruly captain Clayton Osbon, with 131 passengers and six crew members aboard flight 191, was subdued by at least five passengers after his co-pilot reportedly locked him out of the cockpit when he displayed potentially dangerous behavior. The flight from Kennedy Airport in New York was diverted to Amarillo, Texas.

The veteran captain, a commercial pilot since 1989, was not at the controls but “began acting erratically, flipping switches in the cockpit and appearing confused,” according to the sources. They said his co-pilot tricked him into going to the passenger compartment to check something out, then locked the door and changed the security code behind him.

“The captain of the plane just went berserk,” passenger Wayne Honlnes said. “He came out of the other end of the plane … came running back to the cockpit and he was shouting out these numbers … 500 something. He started banging on the cockpit door.”

For my go at the Wildcard, I offer something for meat lovers. The news has exploded with stories about “Pink Slime” being used in beef purchased from grocery stores. Jamie Oliver talked about this last year…using props. Yum!

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  1. Great round-up, CI – thank you! x

  2. For your first go at writing TNIM you did well, I enjoyed the round up, hope you’ll do it again in the future!

    this should have happened 2 years ago, still better late than never but he’s hardly any match for Paxman and ministers who are experts at evasion. Really needs a well briefed lawyer and legal action would be stronger if all the major charities pulled together as a group [and their resources]

  4. He’s not exactly any match for a Tory bought BBC, it needs a damn good lawyer


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