The 2011 TWIM Awards – The Results!

Well, voting for the 2011 TWIM Awards ended yesterday. With something like 130 comments – many of them with plenty of votes – it was certainly a busy month for this site. As revenge for making me tally the votes up, I’m not going to announce the results until September. Mwhahaha!

Joking, of course ;) Let’s get started…

Best Mood Disorder Blog

Congratulations to WillFindHope from Behind the Façade for her victory in this popular category. We also have a number of runners-up: Eliana with But You Don’t Look Jewish, Madosphere legend Seaneen for The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive*, Moon Tree from Seeking Myself and Ruby’s My 13th Sad Day.

* Seaneen has a second – and probably much grander – reason to receive congratulations. So…well, congratulations!

Best Psychosis Blog

My Crazy Bipolar Life and Werehorse from A Path With Heart each earn a winner’s place in this category for their informative and engaging writing. Well done!

Best Personality Disorder Blog

Here we have more joint winners: Ana from Anickdaler and The Quiet BPD.

Our runners-up in this category are Life of a Maybe Borderline and This Compassionate Life.

One thing that is particularly good about all of these blogs is that they take stereotypes of and myths about borderline personality disorder, and destroy them. So, folks, thank you, and well done.

Best Eating Disorder Blog

Our winner here is outwardlyintrovert from Living Life on the Borderline. The runners-up are Clarissa from Just Difficult and Katie from Giant Fossilized Armadillo.

I love all of these blogs. For your information, though, Clarissa talks about one of the less ‘accepted’ and recognised eating disorders (ie. binge eating disorder), so I’m glad that she got a place amongst our other two very worthy victors :)

Best DID Blog

Some of my favourite mentalist blogging is in this category, and I would commend all of the following to you. Our winner, a personal favourite, is CimmarianInk’s (formerly known as tai/tb0316)’s Living and Dealing with Bipolar Disorder, DID and Childhood Abuse. The runners-up are Astrid’s A Multitude of Musings, Faith’s inspiring Blooming Lotus, and my lovely fellow Norn Iron-er, Candycan and Co.

Best PTSD/Extreme Stress Blog

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both our winner and runner-up, who are, respectively, Chaos and Control and Conversations With My Head. Both are brave, inspiring, wonderful women, though you don’t have to have met them to know that; it comes out in droves in their writing.

LittleFeet, of Chaos and Control, has recently had to privatise her blog. I am not party to the reasons, nor should I be, but I’m sure I speak for all of us when I wish her all the very best.

Best Anxiety Blog

Bellsie’s Obsessively Compulsively Yours is our winner here, with Kate White’s Treating Anxiety coming in as the runner-up. Congratulations!

Best Autistic Spectrum Disorder Blog

For the second year in a row (deservedly), our congratulations in this category go to the scholarly and analytical Astrid’s Journal.

Best Not Otherwise Specified Mental Health Blog

Ali Quant’s engaging commentary on a range of mental health issues – particularly, but not exclusively, self-harm – has earned her a winner’s place for Purple Noise.

Runners-up here are We Had Pennies in Our Pockets and Zoe from Mental Political Parent.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up above. Now let’s take a look at how polling went for the professional categories.

Best Nursing Blog

Stuart Sorensen’s Blog is our deserved winner here :)

Best Psychiatry Blog

Congratulations to both Frontier Psychiatrist and Lake Cocytus, who will be justly known to many TWIM regulars.

Best Psychology Blog

Incredibly, we have a three-way tie here. Our winners are Mind Hacks, Irreverent Psychologist and Providentia.

I hadn’t come across any of these blogs before, but will be keeping an eye on them from now on

Best Therapy Blog

The Urban Worrier wins this category for her in-depth and entertaining (insofar as her circumstances allow) discussion of her experiences in a therapeutic community. She ties with a new but strong entrant, What a Shrink Thinks, who writes about her profession of psychotherapeutic social work.

Best Social Work Blog

Madosphere favourite The Masked AMHP wins here, followed closely by the runner-up, the new but popular blog that is The Not So Big Society.

Best Student Blog

A very clear winner here is the lovely Seaneen from The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive. Did I mention that she has another reason to deserve our congratulations? ;)

Best Academic Blog

The perennial Neuroskeptic wins this category, for his continually fascinating analyses of neuroscientific and psychiatric issues. The runner-up is The Small Places, which is another blog that’s entirely new to me, but one that I will be following from now on.

Best Carer Blog

Well done to the new but popular Julie’s Mum for winning the ‘Best Carer’ award :)

So, then, the final set of awards!

Best Cartoon Blog

A very clear winner here was Therapy Tales, whose irreverent visual take on the therapeutic process has entertained many over the year. I particularly liked her “50 minute hour” clock and the map of psychotherapy.

We have two runners-up in this category, which are both favourites of mine: This is Sad Face and Darryl Cunningham Investigates.

Best New Blog

Well done, katieinwonderlandx! The Madosphere clearly loves this recent addition to the fraternity, because it wins this category :)

Mental Health Cop and Mental Health Talk were runners-up. I’m just familiarising myself with the latter, but it looks very interesting. The former is a genuinely insightful commentary on an issue within mental health circles that we rarely hear about.

Most Missed Blog

You really miss Bippidee (aka Something Next to Normal). So do I :( She wins this category, but I remain hopeful that maybe we won’t have to ‘most miss’ her for too long…fingers crossed anyway!

We had several runners-up in this category: Mental Nurse, Fighting Monsters, Prozacville and Fear of Therapy, which were all particular favourites of mine.

I think the reason that Mental Nurse didn’t win this category is due to the fact that Z is still writing similar material over at The Not So Big Society, and This Week in Mentalists – a staple of the late MN – is here. But I think it’s important to note that all of us that floated around it do miss it, and miss it dearly. I hope that this blog is, in a small way at least, a fitting legacy to it.

And that’s the end of the results! Very big congrats to our winners, runners-up and nominees. Be proud of yourselves.

Right, enjoy 2012, OK? I’m off back to bed to nurse my hangover.

What? What’s that you say, reader? Shiny thing? You didn’t seriously think I would sit down and make a shiny thing, did you? Get lost!

Oh, OK then *grumbles moans etc*

Winners, here’s your shiny thing. This one is for you, runners-up. I hope you like them.

Anyway. That’s us! Well done again, folks, and I hope 2012 will turn out to be a wonderful year for all our readers.

About Pandora

Award-winning ex-blogger. Complex PTSD, (predominantly depressive) bipolar disorder with psychotic features, and a side order of severe anxiety. So basically mental.

57 Responses to “The 2011 TWIM Awards – The Results!”

  1. A bit of small print: in conjunction with my partner, A, I drew up a spreadsheet working out the results of each category, eventually (yesterday) checking it again against the voting thread. Both Zarathustra and the lovely (and not useless by any stretch of the imagination) UselessCPN went through the the document and votes and could see no errors. However, you are welcome to see the spreadsheet yourself should you so wish.

  2. Thank you Pandora! Will now subscribe to those I don’t follow already :)

  3. It’s kinda nice to be missed. Fear of Therapy will return in early 2012 with a new client and new inspiration…. :)

  4. Wonderful job darling, and congrats to all the worthy winners xx

  5. Well done to all, and big thanks to you our awesome editor on a job equally well done: glad I didn’t have to do the ‘rithmetic!

  6. A big thank you to everyone who voted for my blog, and to everyone who has at any time read my blog!

  7. :) Aw thank you! this has really cheered me up :) Thanks guys! Well done to everyone else too! :))))

  8. Stuart Sorensen 1 January 2012 at 3:35pm

    Wow! I won something!
    Thankyou all very much indeed. Thanks also for making me aware of so many other blogs to look at.

  9. congrats everyone :)
    i dont blog enough to be part of this community but i often check by/read.
    happy 2012 folks x

  10. Aw thanks, – to those who voted for me and to Pan for running the Awards this year. Brought a smile to my face this afternoon. Will now make a pot of tea and explore the blogs I’ve not come across before.

  11. Ooh, I am a happy runner up :) thanks everyone! And such a nice long list of blogs to look through and subscribe to as well…

    Shiny thing gratefully accepted!

  12. I honestly can’t remember the last time I won anything so thank you so much to those who thought my ramblings interesting. Many congratulations to all the winners and runners up, looks like I have a fair few new blogs to investigate!

  13. Oh my Lordy lordy lordy. Lordy lordy. Thank you SO much for voting for my incoherent blitherings! Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up – what a fabulous gathering of mentalists we have :)

    outwardly x

  14. theartofmakingitoutalive 1 January 2012 at 3:58pm

    Well done everyone! (:
    And Pan, you did a great job.
    Time to add lots more to my blogroll!

  15. How in the world did I win something????

    I’m too startled to properly comment it seems…let me come back later and try again. I’m so glad to have other blogs to explore though. This community is full of such amazing and courageous people!

  16. Woohoo I am unreasonably excited about my runner up shiny thing! Thanks to people who voted for us! I will now attempt to figure out how the heck to transfer the shiny thing onto my blog. This may take some time given my skills of not having a clue how to use blogger properly. C

  17. Thank you so much to those who voted for me. Ooooh I’m a runner up. I’m just sad that Pandora had to remove her so excellent blog from the running.

    Thank you again

  18. Congrats to all the winners and runner-ups! I am somewhat new to community and look forward to checking out all the blogs I have been missing out on. I also look forward to connecting with you all over 2012.

    Thank you Pandora for all your hard work.

    Happy New Year!

    Mental Health Talk (I get to post a shiny thing on my blog….yay!)

  19. Woo! Congrats to all & thanks for flagging up everyone kicking stigma to the kerb <3 Well done on all the hard work putting this together Pandora. Into the new mental year everyone :D

  20. Thanks, I’m really pleased to have won best carer. Makes a big difference. For the record here’s the (missing) link to my blog.

  21. Try again! The mising link to Juliesmum is

    • Stuart Sorensen 1 January 2012 at 7:53pm

      That is very richly deserved Julie’sMum – good for you.



    • Went to fix the link in the post, but it’s working for me! Weird. Well, as long as people know it whatever the case :)


  22. Wow!! Honored to be in a three way tie!! This is a new endeavor for me- so thank you very much!! (for the record I’m a clinical social worker who works psychoanalytically not an MD psychiatrist so maybe that reorganizes the results)

    I’m thrilled that folks are reading and finding something usesful in it all.
    . Happy New Year to everyone!

    • I’m more than happy to move your blog to the ‘Therapy’ category if you wish – it’ll still get you a winner’s place as you got the same amount of votes as the winner there. Entirely up to you :)

      • Oh! How nice! Don’t want to mis-represent myself – so thank you very much for the reassignment.

        And thanks so much for your endorsement and support! Its very encouraging!
        Nice way to start the year!

  23. Thank you for the kind mention. It’s nice to be in such distinguished company.

  24. Congratulations to everyone who got something and to all nominees. Especially pleased that 2 of my favourite blogs are up there [Mental Political Parent and Therapy Tales :D]
    Many thanks to everyone who voted for Purple Noise. I really am touched by the votes I got. Fanks =]

  25. Congratulations to all the winners and runner’s up. Also thank you for the votes and nominations for my blog, I’ve not been writing about my BPD for long but I know that people have been finding what I write helpful. (Although I guess writing about so many other things on my blog confuses some people too! lol) :)

  26. Wow thanks so much for the award! I’m really honoured to have won again especially amongst so many great Madosphere bloggers. Yay shiny thing! Will go on my blog once I can get on a computer in a couple of weeks :)

  27. Well done Ali, I’m really pleased for you

  28. Wow! A big thank you to everyone who voted for me. I’m always amazed that people even read what I write, let alone nominate it for an award. Pleased to see some new blogs to explore, and thanks Pan for organising it all. Take care everyone

  29. Mega congrats to all winners and runners-up, really pleased to see some of my fave places to quietly stalk doing well ;-)

    Also very well done to Pandora (and Zarathustra) for all their efforts, I know at times there were difficulties but you did a great job.

    Anyway congrats again everyone, and I’ll go back to lurking silently now. Happy New Year!

  30. Thank you for the shiny thing – both for Not So Big Society in the social work category and for Mental Nurse in most missed.

    I know some people have said they want Mental Nurse back. One day I hope to be able to tell the story of why Mental Nurse disappeared, and believe me it’s an absolute belter of a story. However, I feel life – and the Madosphere – has moved on since Mental Nurse went down. I’ve got my new blog now, and a new co-blogger in Ermintrude. However, at Pandora’s request, in the past week I’ve agreed to become a co-editor for TWIM.

  31. Congratulations to everyone and thank you very much for the shiny thing.

    I hope next year I can get my head(s) together enough to vote, there are so many amazing blogs out there that tell such wonderful stories.

    Well done for organising the awards, it looks like a huge task.



  32. I was just told about this yesterday – thank you all very much for voting me. I was really amazed to win, there have been some really fantastic blogs that have disappeared this year, and so I was really suprised that people would vote for my ramblings! I apologise for the disappearing act – it just wasn’t feeling right to keep blogging at that time, but recently I have been thinking about going back to it, so hopefully I won’t have to be most missed for too much longer. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. xxx

  33. I’m thrilled to be a runner-up! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, and congratulations to all the other winners and runners-up. :)

  34. Well done to all the winners of the awards, congratulations!

  35. Just wanted to say thank you for my award, I’m delighted to have a shiny thing! Well done to all other winners and runners up and to everyone who lets us have an insight into their lives through the blogging world xx

  36. Wow. Thanks to everyone who supported me and congrats to all the other winners!!


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