This Week in Mentalists – The Slightly Later Than Expected Edition

Hello, Karen from KarenInTheory here (not linked for privacy reasons, lots complicated things which I will hopefully explain at some point).

Trigger warnings for death and suicide, I think they’re otherwise alright, but please read with caution as always.

Eliana is having trouble with anxiety:

… over everything.

Things I shouldn’t have said to people I shouldn’t have spoken to. Immediately regretted but can’t take things back. Fully expect it to blow-up in my face. Scared of it becoming monday.

Dannilion is having carer issues:

We’ve cancelled all the carers. This morning I was actually looking forward to the carer coming, as the rota said it was lovely Icelandic carer and she’s awesome. Unfortunately it wasn’t her- the carer who made me really ill on Saturday turned up instead, an hour late. We hadn’t been told that we were getting her, or we would have cancelled in advance, because she makes both of us anxious, doesn’t read or follow the care plan, and doesn’t do anything because I can’t have her touch me since she made me so ill and as she won’t read the care care plan never even stayed long enough to be asked to do some basic housework.

Werehorse from A Path With Heart finds it strange reading about herself and comments on the differences between her perceptions and those of others:

It is always weird to read about yourself. How can I be the person depicted here, who needs all this support and also me as I experience myself, reading books, making art, thinking about meanings and the destructiveness of civilisation? Somehow I am both.

Behind the Façade is out of hospital (yay!) and is facing psychology once again:

I have an appointment with the hospital psychologist on the coming Monday. Given last appointment he had me rubbing ice up and down my arm as an alternative to cutting, I’m rather skeptical as to how beneficial going will actually be. I had almost forgotten why I was so firm in my resolve not to see a psychologist again after ending with R. I definitely remember now.

Narky has popped into the blogosphere to give us an update and I’m pleased she’s doing well:

So anyway, I’m fine. Probably more than fine. I think this is the first autumn in years that I haven’t been depressed or some version of “all over the place”. That’s the mental health update out of the way. To be honest, I’m trying to pretend that never happened.

And Allicette is going through a really hard time with mental health and life. All the love in you world to you sweetie:

My father is dead. And honestly, so am I. I just have a heart that refuses to cease.

I shan’t pretend that I am well—I am not.

2011 was a mess.

Aaaand finally, this week’s wildcard is:

From Cat Versus Human which makes me giggle with every update. But then I’m a cat person.

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