This Week in Mentalists – The Rhinestone Cowgirl Edition

LittleFeet from Chaos and Control here. Last night I went to a Dolly Parton concert and it was great! Today I have decided to lavish and encrust this edition of TWIM with rhinestones and a pink cowgirl hat. Yeehaw!

Katie from Giant Fossilized Armadillo contemplates Autumn.

Autumn is a strange season. It’s always been difficult for me, with bad memories, negative associations, “anniversaries” and more than a little SAD preceding my almost comic record of bad Christmasses. But whereas most people think of spring as the season of change, I’ve always given autumn that title. I can’t wait to get started.

We’re excited to see what this new season is going to bring you.

Psychology Student #-55 from Pavlov’s Couch is due to start a placement.

I will be working in a secure forensic ward, however it looks like my work will be centred mainly around drug and alcohol dependency. My role will include:
-Assisting with coordinating and running group therapy sessions in a mixture of therapeutic approaches.
-Attending and contributing to meetings at the team and service level.
-Using research and analysis skills to monitor, evaluate, and improve services.
-Producing reports which summarise information, using Office and statistical software.
-Literature research to assist the psychologists.
-I will receive an hour of clinical supervision a week

We know finding the placement was a stressful process. We’re sure you’ll take to it like a duck to water.

Complete with medication, Muted Chatterbox is off on hols.

I survived the birthday celebrations and I’m now off on my holiday. I’ve packed and I’m ready to go, infact I’m just waiting for my cab. Hopefully the rest will do me good and I can come back refreshed and ready to get on with my life. AND, I’ve remembered to pack my tablets.

We hope you have a restful and restorative time.

The Masked AMHP tells us of his entry into social work via the role of Junior Houseparent.

I arrived at work one afternoon for a late shift to find the morning staff barricaded in the office, waiting for the police to arrive, as there had been a riot during breakfast over an inadequate supply of Sugar Puffs.

Mmmm! Sugar Puffs :)

Sarah from Bearing, Eating, Being gives us some book recommendations.

Over the last few years, I’ve done a lot of reading about eating disorders and related issues like perfectionism, self-esteem, and anxiety.  (I’m pretty fun, I know!)  Here are some of the best books I’ve found on the topics!

It looks like Sarah has given permission to splurge on Amazon.

Maybe Borderline writes about her inner child.

I often notice my inner child come out with I’m with my husband. He allows me to be a child and not feel embarrassed. I can watch children’s TV and cuddle a toy and he will stroke my hair and let me feel comforted. It may sound strange but my therapists have all said for me to have some time to be a child.

Hurray for Maybe Borderline’s husband!

Fighting Monsters gives us her wish list of using technology to help social workers become increasingly effective…

I’ve had a few ideas myself and whilst I lack the technological expertise to see any of these ideas to fruition, this is a kind of ‘wish list’ of the sorts of things I’d like to see.  I’m under no illusion that these are ‘new’ ideas. I am sure similar things already exist in some form but they are things I’d like to see pan out in the longer run. Things I’d like to use at work.

Has anyone out there got a big pot of moolah they might like to donate to help implement these?

Ana from Anickdaler has a rant about an organisation where she used to volunteer.

I thought I was big enough to get over the way you treated me and others but apparently, if my dreams of the last few nights are anything to go by, I’m not.  You see, you were my passion. I spent over 100 hours a year helping you out and that doesn’t include the time spent at meetings and socialising in your name. However, for a supposedly medical organisation, your attitude to mental health is abysmal. I appreciate the importance of health declarations in your field. I have always been honest in mine and will continue to be so but your policies do not encourage such sharings of confidence.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, Ana.

Behind the Facade is not impressed by her continued wait for therapy.

Some of you may remember that way back in January after my first psychiatric admission, my psychiatrist referred me for DBT run by my local public hospital. After many months of not hearing from them, yesterday I clutched in my hand the first correspondence from them since April 1. I opened the envelope, wondering whether perhaps they were finally going to offer me a place in their DBT program. But no, starting the program after only eight months of waiting would be asking far too much

Waiting for therapy is frustrating. We hope you move up the waiting list quickly.

Finally, a new blogger Veruca Salt discusses CAMHS and anger management classes.

A lot of anger management classes are, quite frankly, a bit dire. They talk about the causes of anger, the fight-or-flight response, about breathing techniques and distraction. All too often, what they don’t ask is, “Why is this child angry?”

Welcome to the blogosphere, Veruca!

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  6. rioting over sugar puffs… nice


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